Using Preloaded Wallpapers on Lock Screen


Nov 8, 2009
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I want to change my lock screen background to a preloaded wallpaper but when I go to change it, I can only use pictures that I've taken. I wanted to know if there was a way to use a HTC Sense UI Wallpaper on the lock screen.


Oct 29, 2009
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I was just coming on the board with the same question. I changed my lock screen to a picture of my family but it gets blown up to big and is grainy. Now I can't change back to the original screen. Is there anyway to access the preloaded wallpapers from the Albums app?


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Nov 16, 2009
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Yeah I have the same question? Love the driod but not being able to change my lockscreen is bothering the hell out of me... Has anyone figured this out


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Nov 10, 2009
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dont wanna play with it again but, you have to go to the picture itself (do u have a file manager app? you`ll need one) then hit menu, save as...and if i remember right it has "lock screen" as one of the options.


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Dec 28, 2009
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Hi guys,
Just a friendly FYI… I was able to find a work around to pull this off. But here is the kicker; it will require two third party apps to accomplish this goal on a DROID HTC ERIS.
Apps Needed:
ES File Explorer (Used to manage the wallpaper files)
Wallpaper Set & Save (Used to create the wall paper in the correct format and size.)

Process to setup the preloaded wallpapers on Lock Screen on the Droid HTC ERIS:

1. Download and install the ES File Explorer and Wallpaper Set & Save.
2. (Skip this step if you already have the wallpaper setup on your main screen.) Return to the main screen and hit the Menu >Wallpaper>Home>Wallpaper gallery. Now select the preloaded wallpaper you would like to use. Then select “set as wallpaper” button, which should return you to the main screen.
3. Hit Menu>All Programs> Wallpaper Set&Save. It should immediately open the Wallpaper Set and Save menu with three buttons (Set Wallpaper, Save Wallpaper , and Quit) In the background you should see your wallpaper dimly lit. Hit “Save Wallpaper”. Using your QWERTY keyboard give the wallpaper a name i.e. Starpaper, Bluewall, Ubuntu_wp, etc. (I personally do not like to leave spaces)
4. Hit the SETTINGS button and the “Wallpaper Save Settings” menu should open. Use the following settings:
Format: PNG
SD Card Folder: wallpapers (This is important! When you install Wallpaper Set & Save this
directory should already be in place)
5. Hit “Save Settings” and you will be prompted “Success” Settings Saved! Hit OK. Hit Save. You will be prompted with another Success window then hit OK.
6. Hit “Quit”.
7. (Skip this step if you would not like to verify the file is in the proper location. I am a techie so I like to me doubly sure things are where they need to be.) At this point me need to make sure the Wallpaper is in the correct location. From the main screen hit MENU> All Programs> ES File Explorer (*Special note! Please, be careful in this area if accidentally move files to the wrong location it might cause strangeness on your DROID.) Ok lets continue carefully… You should now be under the LOCAL tab at the top, in the middle it should read /sdcard/, and at the bottom should be the folders on your SDCARD. Scroll down to the “Wallpapers” folder and selected. If all of the previous steps (1 – 6) were done correctly you should see the new wallpaper you created in step 3. Hit the back “” four times to exit the ES File Explorer program.
8. Ok now power off the Droid HTC ERIS (AKA Power Cycle) ***Here is the tricky part for some reason, maybe it’s the app or the functionality of the smart phone you will need to turn off the Droid to see the new folder or the new wallpaper we just created. Hence the need for the ES File Explorer for verification purposes.
9. Power On your Droid. From the Main screen hit Menu>Wallpaper>Lock Screen .You should now see the wallpapers folder. Hit the wallpapers folder and you will see the wallpaper you created in step 3. Select it! Hit Save! Done!

I plan to share this quick wall through with HTC Support in hopes they can either post this solution to assist other Droid users. Or provide the functionality on the phone in the upcoming updates.


Jan 26, 2010
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Thanks for this information on the Eris. Do you have a link or did you get any response on the HTC forum? I wasn't able to locate your post.

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