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Using Whatsapp via wifi to make calls/send pix and video?


AC Question

I currently have a Verizon prepaid plan: unlimited talk/text with 3gb of data. Now, if I use a regular text messaging app to send a picture I need data to do so. Cant send video because android doesn't compress which is why I got whatsapp in the first place. But I recently read that you can make and receive calls/SMS/MSM with whatsapp and it does not deduct from your plan IF you're connected to wifi. Now, if doesn't effect my talk/text since it's unlimited but does it effect my data. If so, if I didn't have an unlimited plan would I still be able to make/receive calls/MSM/SMS without deductions made to my non unlimited plan as long as I'm connected to wifi??
Note: I cannot check my data usage in whatsapp because Verizon disables that features so I have no way of knowing. I am thinking about switching to metropcs or something along those lines. Will my question still apply to a different carrier?


Q&A Team
Jan 17, 2016
Whatsap doesn't make text mms on the usual way (via sim card, network), so the recipient also needs whatsap to communicate with you. Once they do, you can either use WiFi or mobile data ($$) to message, send files, videos etc free of your mobile plan. Facebook now owns whatsap, so expect the usual invasion of your privacy and the selling off of your information....