Video recorded sideways


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Mar 15, 2011
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I shot a video that was wide, so I held the camera sideways. Now when I play it back, either holding the camera sideways (landscspe) or vertical (portrait), the image is sideways. So I hold it vertical as normal, the image is on it's side. If I switch and hold the phone sideways, the image rotates 90 degrees and is still on its side.

I tested it just now, holding the camera upright, left side, right side, or upside down, and the images are upright. But the video I shot this afternoon holding the camera sideways is displayed sideways.

Jim Langdon

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Feb 12, 2016
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If you have access to Windows Moviemaker on a PC, you can put your video on the desktop and then load your video into Moviemaker and rotate your video. When you save it, it will be in the right orientation. I get to moviemaker by clicking on the Start button and typing in "moviemaker" and clicking on it. Works on Windows 7. Don't know about 8 or 10.