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Video transfer from phone to macbook


New member
Jul 7, 2013
Hey guys.

So I'm a new member who just bought a HTC One. So far I really love it. I want to keep it real clean in terms of memory space. Last night at a concert, I took some videos and want to copy them to my macbook so that I can have more space on my phone.

Problem is, htc sync master or whatever it's called is really slow/buggy. Also, I couldn't figure out how to transfer my videos off my phone, only the pictures.

Preferably, I would like my phone to just hook up like a usb key with folders and just go from there, dragging and dropping and deleting when needed.

Is this possible? I think the android /macbook relationship can be weird...

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

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New member
Aug 3, 2010
Believe it is called android file transfer, it is made by google. Should do what you are looking for.


New member
Oct 12, 2012
Or you could try Airdroid, one of my favourite apps. It does all this and more but without the need of a cable. Amazing IMHO.

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