Videos not playing/recording on any app, along with Google play services errors.

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POCO M3 Android 10 QKQ1 MIUI 12.0.12

Videos/gifs aren't playing on any app, neither can I stream them. YouTube, Chrome, Built in Gallery, Google Photos, Instagram, Reddit, VLC, Boost for Reddit basically every app can't record or play videos. Videos recorded on my phone can't be viewed either.

How different apps behave when I try to play a video-

YouTube- Can scroll, add to playlists but hangs immediately when I click on a Video

YT Vanced- Same as YT but app also crashes

Boost for reddit/ Reddit / Instagram- Keep buffering videos (like when there's bad internet) but never plays, phone hangs for few seconds on Boost

Play Store- behaves like I never clicked on the video

VLC / Google Photos- keeps buffering/can't determine how long the video is/ No thumbnail either

WhatsApp- downloads the video again and again, had to manually stop video downloading (used 50+ Mb data downloading 3Mb video someone sent me)

Camera- Can click photos, but when I switch to video it gets burry and never starts recording (same with Insta and WhatsApp when trying to record a video)

The issue gets resolved for a few seconds after rebooting, but then come back again.

Phone is very laggy in general.

Another frequent occurrence is -

An error occurred in google play services close this app now


I tried (nothing worked)-


Switching on/off.

Downloaded latest system update.

updated most used apps.

cleared cache for almost all apps.

My phone has 6gb ram which never gets maxed out, I have 25+gb free space on my phone.

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Welcome to Android Central! See if the problem persists in Safe Mode:

Get rid of Vanced -- it violates YouTube's terms of service (and is therefore not allowed to be discussed here), and therefore has a higher chance of causing glitches or possibly coming with some malware (depending on where you got it).

Please register on this forum, which will allow you to engage in discussion more easily, as well as post images.

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