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Want to take my pixel c to the next level


Well-known member
Jan 11, 2011

What have you found to be the best USBC Hub for the Pixel C. Is there a good one that offers USB3.0 ports, Ethernet, HDMI, and charging. My desktop is has aged a bit ad thinking of downsizing a bit to just use the pixel if i can get the right hub.


Jerry Hildenbrand

Space Cowboy
Staff member
Oct 11, 2009
I haven't found one yet :/

There are some really nice USB-C to USB-A hubs with ethernet, but I've not come across a great one that's USB-C to USB-C yet. I keep looking at a couple every few weeks because I'd also love to have ethernet for my Pixel C and Chromebook R13 so they can be more useful for Google I/O in a couple months. And there's no sense in buying one without a little expansion.

If anyone comes across one they hear good things about holler. Mobile Nations can buy it so I can test it on my Pixel phone, Pixel C and desktop.