Watching Offline and Lovefilm


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Dec 30, 2012
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Hi, sorry if this is an obvious question but I haven't been able to find a clear answer on other message boards. I've just got a Kindle Fire HD in the UK and wondered if there was an app I could download or another way of watching movies and tv shows offline, as it looks like using Lovefilm it's all streamed. Is there another film watching app that will work offline?

Also I had a Lovefilm account before I got the Fire, it was the basic package where I have one disc sent by post and 4 hours of watching online I've synced it all up but I'm a bit confused in that it seems to just let me stream anything I want with no mention of my account - is this coming from my account or the free trial (I signed up through my Lovefilm account so I'd be a bit surprised if they gave me a free trial anyway). Basically I'm just wondering if I click to watch these videos is it free or is it coming from my Lovefilm package, so am I limited on what I click or can I watch whatever I want? Sorry this might be blindingly obvious!

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