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OK so I'd just washed my hair when someone called me (this is the potential water damage, the phone is probablynot water right anymore due to a cracked screen and back) , my phone wouldn't let me end the call, the touchscreen wasn't responding properly, eventually I hang up and the touchscreen is reacting like I'm touching the bottom corner and I'm not. Then it starts saying it's overheating. Then it says there's no sim card though there is. At this I'm thinking, I need to restart this phone. It takes me a while as the screen keeps going blank and not responding to power button though its still on. Then the battery starts rapidly draining like I can see it going down and down and I eventually manage to restart it. It's no better after the restart and is now showing as 0% now at this point I messed up a bit, I hadn't slept Ok. It didn't occur to me that there may be water ingress and I'm not getting any water warnings so I plug it in to charge. It charges for a while but still won't respond to the power button but if you unplug the charger the screen does light up. Then it just turns off, won't charge I can't get any response even from reset button combo. Now I was thinking software may be an issue just because of it going crazy with the overheating messages and battery draining etc and i had been putting off the recent update. Other possibility, could be a virus I guess? And yes i know the phone has been used and abused, I did everything wrong ect anyway What do you guys think is more likely? I'm mostly concerned about taking some bits from internal storage then wiping it rather than a repair (unfortunately my backup routine has been about as lacking as my general care for the phone) if you plug it into another s10, it recognises it enough to 'charge' it but not to do anything else, if you plug into a laptop it recognises it as a phone but Says its off. I was thinking about maybe trying a new battery?

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! It sure sounds like water damage -- there's no need to suspect a virus. Read this: [GUIDE] Oh, no! My Phone got Wet! - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

Unfortunately, it sounds like you'll have to get a new phone. Taking it to a repair shop will likely cost more than it's worth (since multiple components can be damaged by the water). Hopefully you were keeping important data backed up or synced on a regular basis.

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