Weaker signal between two Edge models


Jan 3, 2015
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I bought one of the early Note Edge phones in December 2014. I love the phone, it works great and I've had no problems at all with it. I switched from Verizon to ATT to get the phone, the Verizon model didn't have a sale date so I switched and have been happy with ATT's service. The only thing I didn't like about the phone is that it was only available in black, I just liked the look of the phone in white. Last week I decided to buy a new one in white off ebay with the idea of selling my original black model. The new phone is a factory unlocked model - SM-N915G. I verified that it's an authentic Samsung phone, I'm able to hold both side by side and they're identical. The only difference is the way it displays the network. On the new unlocked phone it either shows 4G, H+ or H, the old ATT phone shows 4G LTE and I think the other is EDGE. With the original phone it rarely switches to anything other than 4G LTE when I'm using it. The new phone doesn't get a signal as well as the old. In my living room the signal is weak, the old phone shows 3 bars and the new only one. I know these gauges aren't accurate so I installed SignalCheck pro on both. The old phone ranges from 0-15db difference - I'd say it's mostly 0-7 or 8. When I use the phone in my living room it switches down to H+ or H and stays there. It won't switch back up to 4G unless I reboot or toggle Airplane mode. Just wondering if this is something I could live with or if someone else knows anything about this.

Thanks in advance.

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