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Weird Noise by the camera


New member
Jul 10, 2017
I was using my phone at usual and it suddenly made a weird buzzing/grinding noise and the phone vibrated. I turned the phone off and took it out of the case I have for it. The back, specifically up by the camera seemed uncharacteristically hot. I believe the CPU is up there and I hope that this doesn't mean that it is going. The app I had open when this occurred was Snapchat, but I wasn't on the camera at all. This has happened before with the phone just sitting on the home screen.


Retired Moderator
Nov 21, 2012
That sounds like the camera module... maybe something to do with the auto-focus stuff. There aren't many moving bits on a phone that could cause that to occur, basically two; the haptic feedback motor and the camera module.

As far as the heat, not sure about that part, perhaps the camera suffered an electrical fault and is shorting out, causing the heat. If so, that's bad juju... get that thing to a repair shop ASAP.