Weird Symbol + Dr.Fone


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Aug 18, 2017

I downloaded Dr.Fone to try recover some pictures. I clicked on recover and followed the instructions (Which included me activating USB Debugging.) However by the time I reached the point in which I could recover my photos, it asked me to pay. So I uninstalled everything etc.

Now on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, I also uninstalled 2 Apps. Dr.Fone and Wonder something (Can't remember exactly). However, there is a weird symbol at the top of my screen, like an oval cut in half and I keep getting a notification saying, "Unauthorized actions have been detected. Restart device to undo any unauthorized changed."

I restarted my device a few times but nothing happens. Upon start up, the symbol is not there but after a few seconds it pops up. Also my phone loads differently in terms of the apps taking a second or two to pop up. (Never noticed that before. Don't know if its normal.)


I have no idea what else it has installed on my phone! I regret it so much. Please help!
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