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May 1, 2012
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I bought an iPhone about two weeks after the release and have had one since that original release.. I had tried other androids and just couldn't seem to get settled in with them. Didn't have the confortable feeling I had gotten used to with the iPhone.. my wife was especially adamant that the iPhone was the only smart phone for her, that is until we purchased the galaxy note.. We both have had a great time getting to know this phone it works and works well the OS is not the newest but offers what we need from it and it has been very stable. Battery life is good and I use my phone strangely enough mostly as a phone and it works well as such. The size is a very positive factor I have an iPad that hasn't been touched since the purchase of this phone and I have a feeling wont be much longer I have found this to fit the needs of both areas quite well. It is pocketable its has a good feel and weight to it. I just have to say the android phones have come a long way and the inovation is really showing now. I feel the iPhone is hitting a wall on the software side of inovation. I could be proven wrong come monday with the preview of the newest iOS and fall in love again but I dont think so.. I wont go on about android versus iOS due to this being a Galaxy Note thread but if you find yourself like I was looking to see if there is a new device out there that can get you into some of these new inovations that android offers this is a great device.. S memo is a indispensable app that I use so much that I have no need for sticky notes anymore.. The widgets and the information available at a glance is great.. having a full page for a month view calendar I can go on and on.. these are thing that make the experience of a smartphone great thats the whole point.. quick access to info and ease of use.. Think this phone does a great job


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Apr 27, 2012
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so glad to hear you like the note. I hope so that you keep it even after the ios 6 is shown. I too have a tablet. And have barely touched it since buying the note. Amazing device


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Feb 9, 2011
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Welcome to the forum!

Here you will find a wealth of information, short cuts, and tips to make your user experience even more enriching.

The Note is such an integral part of my life now that I cannot imagine using any other device. Having an all-in-one device like the Note is so amazing, and it seems I discover new use cases all the time.

I sold my tablet, and prior smartphone, and now just use the Note for everything. Let us know if you have any questions.


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Nov 22, 2010
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I'm in the same boat. Had switched from Android to iPhone and iPad. But the Galaxy Note got me interested. Tested it filor a solid week to be sure I really liked it. Yesterday I made it official and ported my number from my Verizon iPhone to the Galaxy Note. And just days away from Apple's event on Monday.

I have loved the idea of a tablet. But carrying both and switching seems wrong somehow. I didn't like to type on the iPhone. Too small. And when someone texts me I honestly wished they'd had used iMessage so I could type a reply on a later screen. After a while I just had to admit to myself that I wanted a larger display.

I saw the Note and felt it was insane. But it grew on me quickly. Found myself at the AT&T store to try it out for myself. A little bumpy at first but I got all the apps I need up and running. The Note feels great.

So I switched back to Android.

I think all Apple has up its sleeve is a taller iPhone that maybe has the same width. Not interested in that at all. I just want bigger. Not taller.

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