What I really like about the Bionic...


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Aug 8, 2011
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This thread is to show what you really like about the Bionic. Theres been so many negative comments I think a positive thread is due.

So what do you like? And it could be something you like comparing it to another phone or just something original.

I wish I could start by saying what I like but I didn't get a chance to program my new Bionic yet.

I guess I like the way the screen shuts down, like an old tube TV! Very cool!! :)

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Jan 12, 2011
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I can list some things I really like about my Bionic:

-Crisp immediate response to launching apps and looking things up. My Droid X was sluggish and my Droid X2 was HORRIBLE with lag and redraws....the Bionic is very gratifying to have it be fast and instant even after loading dozens and dozens of apps I use on it including some widgets

-10Mb/s down and 4-5Mb/s up when I am in a 4G/LTE, which includes my house on and off...lving that- can't wait for my Xoom 4G/LTE upgrade to come

-Wasn't sure if I would miss the 4 physical keys on the Droid X and X2, I don't. The touch keys are very responsive.

-Google maps navigation seems to be faster too, maps pivot quickly and screen presses get fast results

-When I hold down the main button on my Plantroics Voyager Pro+ BT earpiece I get voice search very quickly. That would take 10-20 seconds on my DX2 (even w/ a launcher running and no widgets etc). Am liking that and will probably try Vlingo again

Very pleased so far.
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Jun 4, 2011
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Great idea for a thread! Often a few negatives or vocal people who are having difficulties can overshadow the positives.

I'll get the ball rolling with a few points - but I reserve the right to post again later with more stuff I like. :)

SPEED, applications: The Bionic is amazingly fast and responsive, it almost freaks me out how I touch an icon and an app will be open and in my face.

SPEED, 4G LTE: You open a web page and it loads almost instantaneously. Download an app and it is done by the time you look up to see the status bar. :)

Zumocast: Totally rocks! Stream music, movies from your home computer as well as just being able to open files, pictures etc. This is truly one of the "unsung" major pluses of the Bionic.

More to Come - LOL :)
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