What inspires you to cover Android and help run Android Central?


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Jun 8, 2010
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I asked Rene, I asked Dan, and I asked Chris/Bla1ze. Now I ask you! What is your inspiration to do this as a career? What got you in to working at Android Central? Was there any person or person that were responsible for helping to start you out here and in covering Android and tech? What gets you up in the morning and motivates you to keep doing this?

Yup, you guessed it, I'm asking for your "superhero" origin story! lol

Jerry Hildenbrand

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Oct 11, 2009
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Way back when the company I worked for was bought by a bigger company. I was offered a position that required me to move to either France or Australia. With three children in school, we decided as a family to decline. I got a very nice severance package and decided to use it to open my own consulting business. I found out that when you get enough business to make money you're working every waking moment and your head starts to hurt :p

Phil needed someone who could help with nerdy things. He knew some of the nerdy things I did with the G1 and HTC Hero and hit me up. I started writing on a volunteer basis at first (cause it was fun and i got to play with cool stuff). When I decided to sell off my business (I hated the responsibility and the headache) and the ACA forced insurance companies to cover my pre-existing condition under a normal employer group plan I came to work full time here.

I won't lie. This is a job and sometimes i do things that suck because it's my job. But it's also a very cool job filed with cool stuff and people. It's hard to find a job that makes you happy (at least for me it was) but that's what working at Mobile Nations is — a job that I like having :)

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