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What is a good Android Tablet?


New member
May 5, 2015
Good Android Tablet

I was thinking about replacing my slightly dated laptop with an android tablet. The only requirements I have are for it to be a decent size (nothing smaller than about 10") and with exapndable memory to about 128gb. preferably not too expensive too. Anyone got recommendations for something around my requirements? thanks.


Jul 14, 2011
Re: Good Android Tablet

A lot of people would recommend the Shield tablet, and I would too, but that doesn't fit your size requirement. I would also offer the Galaxy Tab S, which has a superb screen, premium feel, but also premium price tag (although now that the new version is starting to leak, you might wait a couple months and maybe the price will drop).
The Nexus line is not too shabby, but not sure if there's SD Card support there.
The Amazon Fire HD Tablets are really good, too, BUT being Amazon, you don't get native support for the Google Play Store, but they're still basically Android.

Also, remember that while you can expand your storage with SD Cards, most apps cannot be fully installed in them, so you're still strapped for internal storage in that department.