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What is a good Android to only use as an MP3-player?


Jun 1, 2013
Android mp3-player

Hi, so I want to get an mp3 player, but I like the android os. There dont seem to be any android mp3 players, and i've seen it written that you can just get a phone.

My question is, what would be a good phone for that purpose only? (call quality is not an issue at all)

or , if there are android based mp3 players, please let me know.


Jul 14, 2011
Re: Android mp3-player

There is a Samsung MP3 player based on Android, just can't remember the name. Not sure it's still being made, though.

As far as phones goes, yeah, you could just get a cheap Android phone and use that instead, even if you don't use a SIM card on it. If you want a new phone, I'd look at the Moto G or X ones, or even an older Galaxy S4 or S5. There are cheaper options, but the Moto G and X lines are really REALLY good phones that were not so expensive.