What is GameStash?

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Aug 11, 2009
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What is GameStash?


GameStash is a subscription games service from Mobile Nations for Android devices.

The service grants unlimited access to full versions of over 300 highly rated Android games with no in-app purchases or ads for one low fee per month.

It's in beta at the moment so if you want to try it out and have a say in where it goes. Now is the time! There's 14 days free and you can cancel whenever you like.

How Does it Work?
Sign up to the service, install the game store, sign in and install any games you like! There's a 14 day free trial so you can mess about trying the games and the service with no risk.

What's Unknown Sources?
GameStash is separate from the Google Play Store, which means you need to tell your device it's OK to use GameStash to install apps. Google calls this process "Allowing Unknown Sources". This is similar to other 3rd party app stores like Amazon's Underground.

You may be concerned about this so here's some more information on how Game Stash selects it's content and what it does to make it safe.

  • All games have been hand-picked based on Google Play success
  • Games are tested thoroughly and guaranteed safe.
  • Games will never ask you to pay for anything.
  • There will never be ads in GameStash games.

What was that about in-app purchases?
Most games are unlocked with all levels available. Some games have an economy that would be broken if a player had unlimited access to everything. The GameStash solution is to give you in app money to spend, the more you play the money you're given.

How long is the Free Trial?
The free trial period is 14 days. To start your free trial, you must accept the Terms of Service and by the end of the free trial period you’ll be charged automatically unless you cancel the subscription within the free trial period.

How do I pay for the subscription?
The payment is made periodically through your chosen payment method. At the moment we support major credit and debit cards and will be adding more payment methods soon.

How do I install a game/app?
You can install a game/app from the club when you have subscribed to the service and have an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Open the club, tap on a game/app and then tap "Install".

How many games/apps can I download?
If your subscription is active, you can download and use as many games/apps as you want.

I Switched device can I reinstall the app?
Yes just head over to your account page and click the download app link

How many games/apps can I have on my smartphone?
On average, the available games/apps are about 40 megabytes. If you have 2 gigabytes of space free on your smartphone, it's possible to store approximately 100 applications. You subscript has no limits on the number of games/apps you can have installed on your device.

Where do I find my installed games/apps?
Open the club, tap on the menu icon in the top right corner and then "My Apps".

How do I uninstall a game/app?
Simply go to the specific game/app in the club and tap on the three dots on the "Open" button and then "Uninstall".

Why am I not able to download a game/app?
Should you encounter any issues downloading a game/app, check the following:

1. The storage space on your device (the game/app will not download if there is insufficient storage space on your device)
2. Your connection (a bad connection can prevent a download from completing).
3. Under settings, security device administration, check "unknown sources" which allow installation of applications from sources other than the Google Play store.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Click here to view your account, click cancel subscription and follow the on screen instructions.

When I cancel my subscription, can I still use downloaded games/apps?
Games/apps are associated with the subscription, if you cancel the subscription, you can no longer use the installed games/apps.

We love to help you, drop us an email at support@gamestash.com with your thoughts or post right here in the forums.
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Mar 15, 2014
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It think this is awesome. I think this weekend ill give the 14 day trial, um, a trial :D haha

There are quite a few games i play currently that have in App purchases and it would be so awesome to get some of those for free (possibly) depending if the game is 'supported'. Wish you guys all the best and hopefully you get a million downloads :D


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Aug 11, 2009
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Thanks for the kind thoughts. If you have a list of games you'd like please post them in aspearate thread. Our team will happily reach our to the developers.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts whilst 'testing' throw them in this forum!


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