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Aug 25, 2014
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****UPDATE: I figured it out! When I went into my contact list it automatically saves to your phone UNDER MOBILE. So I went into the very 1st contact I had that was under mobile. There is a pull-down menu there at the very bottom it says custom. I changed it to "cell number" went back into whatsapp & it is no longer there! Every single 1 of these that are under "mobile" because that's the default when you add a new Contact there that's how you get rid of them, just take it off of the mobile setting go to custom & rename it. lt works! 😀 ***
I recently did the latest update for my whatsapp & it decided 2 add in my entire address book. My phone is used 4 business only. Social Security, Medicare lawyers, police, drs & now all of a sudden they're in my whatsapp asking me 2 invite them. The only way 2 get them out according 2 FAQ is 2 delete the contact altogether from my Google address book which I refuse 2 do.
Is anyone else getting the same thing when they did the update? I contacted whatsapp as always I got the stock answer go 2 our FAQ blah blah blah.. so I know there are huge issues w/this update but Idk how 2 get them out of my whatsapp.
I talk to 5 people that is it but now everybody's there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will not delete my address book I already unlinked the ones that are there that I don't want but it doesn't matter they're still showing up.
I would add a pic but that would require blocking out all the phone #s however if someone wants a pic then I will put 1 up. Right now I just need help. Thank you.
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