Where does Polaris Office 5 autosave files?

Lani Weaver

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Nov 24, 2014
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The Word file I worked on yesterday on my Galaxy S5 -- and forgot to save before going to bed last night -- is no longer on my screen and I cannot find it. Office 5 was still open, but there was no file there when I unlocked my phone this morning. The documentation states that there is an autosave feature, but I can't find the save location. Help? (And yes, I know I should have been saving, but I didn't :( and the information in this file is important)


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Dec 6, 2011
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My default location is internal storage/storage/emulated/0, but I'm not sure the temp folder is there or in the app folder. Even if it were in a temp folder I'm not sure you could reopen a file that was never officially saved, however if you want to look for it I would get a file manager from the PS and look for the temp folder. Astro or ES are both really good and popular right now for file managers. I use Astro. With a file manager you should be able to search for a folder named "temp", there will probably be a handful of them but that will narrow down your search to something manageable. If the file had a name you could search for that as well. Even though Polaris saves word docs as .docx a temporary file will likely have a different extension and may not be able to be located using the extension alone.


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Feb 12, 2012
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I'm guessing that it's in the app's data folder, which would be /data/data/com.infraware.polarisoffice5/. Since I don't have any autosaved files I don't know which folder in there would have then, but there are only 4 possibilities. (If it's in databases you'll need a SQLite editor and some knowledge of SQL to get it out.)

You could try closing Polaris and opening it again and see if it acts like Word, telling you that there's an autosaved file you can edit.