Where is my device shown when I hook it up to the computer?

mariam alshamsi

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Dec 6, 2014
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I cant find my device shown in the computer

Hey guys I use galaxy s4 and every time when it gets full I transfer all the files in the Samsung to my laptop but this time I tried to transfer the files using usb but it didnt show as device as usual, the problem is not from the usb because I see that its charging while it connecting but I can't found it in the laptop. I think its cause the update cause before my phone was shown as device in the laptop also I want to add I searched for another way to transfer files from the galaxy to the laptop I found kies but I have no idea how to use it!! and I cant find kies in the store. Please help me because I have over 10k screen shots >.<


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: I cant find my device shown in the computer

1) There are 4 wires in the USB cable, 2 for power, 2 for data. You can be charging and still not have a data connection. Or have a data connection but not be charging. One pin can become disconnected on the charging port in the phone, or the cable could go bad.

2) You can use WiFi File Transfer to transfer files. Run it on the phone and it'll tell you what to connect to on the computer (you use a web browser on the computer - the app makes the phone become a web server).

3) Kies is good - for something. But you don't have much control over what gets transferred. It's better doing it your way, just the files you want.

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