Which failed phone or android project do you most wish had not failed?


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May 15, 2011
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I guess I meant mostly from an android perspective but I guess it can include other related products if you think they are relevant.

Jerry Hildenbrand

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Oct 11, 2009
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Define failed. :p

Sometimes We see things (from Google in particular) because they needed built as a testbed and were so cool they made a bunch of them. Even tho they never planned to continue making them or even sell any. The CR48 and Nexus Q come to mind. Without those we wouldn't have Chromebooks or the Chromecast.

I think the best failed product from Google would be Hangouts. Yes, it has failed no matter how much we all like it and use it. But it taught google a lot of things about building a communications app.

The best failed product overall would be the Microsoft Kins. I really think if they had come to market faster and at a better price microsoft wouldn't be where they are now in mobile. a better sidekick style device would have taken plenty of people who ended up buying Android, because what they wanted was really a better Sidekick and something from HTC or Motorola or samsung was the closest thing available.

About webOS ... that was proof that desktop Linux isn't very good on a phone sized device with mobile processors, tiny amounts of ram and small batteries. Everything wrong with webOS is what Google and Apple and Samsung work hard to make better every year. I'd like to see it reborn with better task/process management and more control taken away from the user by default. Too bad LG bought it.

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