Which of alternative app monetization methods really work?

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Hi, developers! Recently I bumped into a few articles on some alternative ways of app monetization.

Among the standard tactics, they do also mention data monetization, crowdfunding (does it really work?), partnerships with brands...

Which of these tactics do you find the best-working and highest paying?
Which of them don't work?

I'd appreciate if you share your experience in comments.



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Feb 12, 2012
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Unless your app is handling an awful lot of data, and you're willing to make "we sell your data" very noticeable, data monetization won't work (and is illegal in the EU).

Crowdfunding works, but for things, not software as much, unless it's "the next best thing".

Partnerships? Difficult unless, again, your app is something that large firms would be interested in. (Facebook, when it first started [as a way for Zuckerberg to get dates] probably wouldn't have found a partner. Today, if they went for a partnership - they're larger than most of the companies that do app partnerships. [Maybe not Apple or Microsoft, but I don't think Zuckerberg is looking for a partner.)

The best way is to have an app that's fully functional, but that has additional functions that you can get only by paying a little. (And an app that a lot of people will want. So even if you only make $1 on each app, and 25 million people buy the app - you can retire and never worry about spending all the money your money is earning.)