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who has the new turbo 2?


New member
May 6, 2011
how is the speed compared to the turbo, the turbo has a 2.7ghz processor, the turbo 2 has a 2 ghz processor, but its an 8 core, but no much can take advantage of 8 cores, so they lowered the speed. how does it compare when actually using it to the turbo?


New member
Oct 29, 2015
honestly, not much of a difference to me, but I'm not enough of a nitpicky power user to even really tell.


New member
Jul 15, 2012
I have both, and both are fast. If there is a difference its not really noticeable on normal usage. Im not a gamer so i cant speak for gaming.

Camera is a big step up, not into note5 quality but easily the best moto camera put out so far. The camera takes a pic much faster now also.

Speaker quality, while not stereo is better than the turbo. It is a lot clearer. Phone call quality seems to be better, i am glad they put the ear piece back in the center instead of off to the right.

I am still getting used to the on-screen buttons, first phone ive had w them.

Overall the increase in size is not much so it does not bother me. I did buy a tech 21 case mainly because the buttons were so easy to push my volume was being turned down while it was in my pocket. The tech 21 case makes the buttons very hard to push which is what I prefer.

Overall I do believe it is a step forward from last year's model, my daughter got the Droid Maxx 2 while we were at the store getting my turbo 2. She really likes it so far she is coming from the Droid Maxx.

Moto Droid Turbo 2


New member
Oct 30, 2015
Got one last night; I love it.

I suppose this is to be expected since I'm moving up from a 1st generation Maxx. I know a lot of people don't like the bezels, or the thickness, or the shape, etc... To me, that's all subjective. I don't care about if it's thin or not... I work in a manufacturing facility, and what I DO care about is, if I drop it will it fly into a million pieces? If I lean up against something while it's in my shirt, will it bend in half? If I get splashed or something will the thing drown? This phone meets all of that criteria and more.

The battery is awesome so far, though I haven't had it long enough to say for sure. I'm sure it's on par with what I had before in the Maxx. The speakers and volume are way better than my old phone which is another plus. The 25w TurboCharger that comes with it is just ridiculously fast with the charging. I charged it last night from 50% to about 85% in like 7 minutes.. Insane. The O.S. to me is fine; I know everybody wants Marshmallow but it will come. I've seen some complaints about the lack of a fingerprint reader, but that is of no consequence to me. Oh and the camera is a vast improvement over previous Moto cameras.

Overall as I stated, I love the thing. I've always been a Motorola fan since I got my 1st gen Droid years ago, and I love em now. Just always seems to be a well built phone. I kept my Maxx as a spare just in case I need it for something.