Whole screen popup for Chinese valentines day?


Jan 11, 2014
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Just to start off, My phone is rooted and flashed with a rom (DN3), And about 20 minutes ago, A random popup on my whole screen with animation and all that said Chinese valentines day, Like it was telling me what holiday it was or something?, I was thinking it may be S-planner, But it does not even do that for US holidays, Let alone for a country i am not even in. Has anyone else experienced this?, or may know what it is?. IF you may know what app it is from if it is an app, I could list them off for you.

UPDATE - It has appeared at least once more and i think twice, Because i touched the screen just as it came up i am pretty sure. Also, i have done nothing out of the ordinary since this started, I go to all the same websites and i have not downloaded anything new.
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