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Why are calendar items gone after syncing with Google?


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Why are calendar items gone after syncing with google

I have been using the basic calendar on my S5 for several years all along it has been syncing with my google calendar or so I thought. I would create event and add to my calendar and my husband and events would show on both phones. Today I actually looked at my google calendar on my computer and realized that things I had added over the last months were not on the computer calendar. So I checked my phone and saw that it had not synced since mid aug last year. Crazy because things that I added to my calendar and added my participant were also showing up on my husband's phone. Anyway, I clicked sync thinking that all the items on my phone would end up on my computer google calendar and instead everything that I added since mid august last year is just gone. Even the items that were on my calendar and my husband's phone. (I had made a calendar reminder for us to take out the trash and recycles so that I would not be the nagging wife....instead our phones could remind us).

I have no idea where everything was being saved. I would be happy with a list of events if I cant get the items added back to my phone. Help