Why are my Yahoo inbox emails disappearing from the Yahoo app?


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Why are my yahoo inbox emails disappearing from the yahoo app

Just started this morning. Every time i try to refresh, I'm losing the latest 2 days. Right now, the most recent emails are from 12/22/15. When I opened the app this morning, I briefly saw email from 2/14/16 and after the refresh, suddenly the most recent emails were from 2/12. It keeps happening and just while I'm typing my 12/21-22/15 emails are gone and now only showing 12/19/15 as the most recent. what on earth? Fortunately, I still see them thru a browser.

I am so done with this crappy yahoo email app (and via a browser) -- I also have the known issue where search doesnt actually find everything, only some things, and apparently yahoo has no interest in fixing it. Will be finding something new, but would like to 'solve' this disappearing email for now. Please excuse my venting...

Thanks for any ideas