Why aren't I getting text alerts when the messaging app is open?


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Not getting text alerts when the messaging app is open

How can I get the messaging app to alert me of a new text if I still have that person's chat window up?

I have a Galaxy S4 (on AT&T) running Android 5.0.1. Since I updated to Lollipop I have not been receiving notifications for new texts when the messaging app is open. I am using the built-in messaging app.

This only applies to the person I am texting. For example, if I send a text to my wife, and I set my phone down, there is about a 60 second window before my phone goes to sleep. If she texts me back while the phone is still on, I will not get an alert. No sound, no vibration, nothing. If someone ELSE texts me, I WILL get the notification. If I hit back and return to the main text history list, I WILL get the notification. If I return to the home screen, open another app, lock the phone, or hit the power button to put it to sleep, I WILL get the notification.

Google chat works this way. If the chat window has focus, it won't alert me when a new message comes in. If any other window has focus, or if the chat window is closed, it will alert me. This is not a good feature for messaging app. I do not want to have to constantly stare at the screen to see if a text comes in. I want to continue what I am doing and be alerted of the new text without having to return to the text history list, close the app, put the phone to sleep, etc.

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