Why aren't my apps automatically updating?


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I've found out recently that 60+% of all my apps aren't automaticly updating, I find this quiet annoying. So I've decided to do some research on how to fix it. I first found out about the setting in the playstore, it was already enabled. I've tried removing my simcard and then putting it back. Didn't work...

But then I remembered something that I did last year, I was on vacation in greece and had really bad wi-fi and I had no mobile data. The wifi was good enough to open my whatsapp, facebook, etc. But then one of my apps decided to update, it wasn't your usual 10 MB update, it was like 500 MB. This was going extremly slowly and I was a bit angry, so I decided to open the 'updating app' (by doing app info) and then stop it forcefully close it down (I'm not sure, but it's possible I've even deleted that thing). Since then, I never recieved an update again...

From what I can vaguely remember was that the app had an android icon and it's name were some 'random' letters.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Which phone? Go to Settings>Data Usage, and make sure Restrict Background Data isn't turned on. You may also have to select Google Play Store there and make sure Restrict Background Data isn't turned on specifically for that app only.

Also, I will move this to General Help, since the Android Apps forum is more for developers to promote their apps.

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