Why can I send and receive texts even though they won't display in the messaging app?


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Feb 15, 2016
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Why can i send and receive texts even though they wont display in the messaging app?

Okay I recently posted on another thread but that one was inactive for 9 months and for the previous 9 as well. Basically I can send and receive texts and the person I'm sending them too has no problem, I get notifications for the messages and the little box that appears to quickly reply to a message appears on screen, the amount of texts sent in that conversation is updated and the last message sent or received is also updated BUT despite all this when I open the conversation the newest message shown was one that i received over 24hrs ago when this problem started occurring. I have deleted the third party messaging app that I was using and cleared all data and cache for the default messaging app, I have restarted my phone many times and have scoured for information on what to do but alas I couldn't find any.