Why can't I search by star-rating Play Store S6?


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Jul 19, 2015
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Can't search by star-rating Play Store S6...

A huge disappointment for me with Android is the lack of usability with the Play Store when searching for apps. This was never an issue with iPhone, if I wanted to search apps by star-rating/popularity, free/cost, new/old, I forget what other filters they had but the point is I had that option. With Android, you have not one single search filter option in the Play Store on my Samsung Galaxy S6. I search "keyboard" for example to find the customizable keyboard apps, and they just list everything, usually starting from most downloaded but you scroll down a little bit and there is apps with 500 downloads, scroll a little further and there is one with 100,000 downloads and so on. Google lets us filter searches through their home page, maps, images, videos, with ease. I don't care if it gives the little guy the chance to put their app on display to be downloaded unintentionally, to me this wastes my time and gives me a headache, having to download an app based on a few comments which btw are all very similar across each app, you have your complainers and then people who praise the app and of course there are more people who praise the apps than the complainers meanwhile the app still sucks, and then you have to delete the app and do another blind search and repeat. They seriously need search filters for the Play store search. If there are some, can someone please tell me where I'd find them, and not on the tablet Play Store, the Mobile Play Store.


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May 11, 2015
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Re: Can't search by star-rating Play Store S6...

You hunt around in the Play Store and read some of the reviews, check the developer's web site and then go outside Google to read other review sites such as:

Reviews « Android.AppStorm
Reviews | Life of Android
Android Apps »
AndroidTapp - Android App Reviews, Android Apps, News, App Recommendations, Interviews

Remember Android is not closed and carefully monitored the way Apple is. You're not restricted to Google Play Store either, there is an Amazon app store, Samsung app store and many others.

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Plenty of specialist dev forums too.

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