Why can't I use 1Password / autofill with my work profile?


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Jul 5, 2018
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TLDR: I can't get 1Password autofill to work with my Android work profile. I'm not sure whether the problem is on 1Password's end, Android's, or my company's.


My company lets us bring our own devices but makes us use a separate work profile for Android. So I have separate work versions of apps like Chrome, Gmail, Calendar, and whatever else my company approves. They're basically identical except there's a separate orange briefcase icon on the launcher icons for these, and any data used by these apps is isolated from my personal apps.

Anyhow, I have a work version of 1Password that syncs a password vault with the work version of Dropbox. Both are company approved. However, I'm unable to use 1Password to autofill anything, even in work versions of apps like Chrome. Instead, the work version of Chrome uses my *personal* autofill service. for me, that's LastPass, but I've tried uninstalling and replacing it with 1Password on the personal side as well. All that does is offer to autofill passwords from my personal 1Password vault rather than my work one.

When I try to enable autofill from the settings for the work version of 1Password, it sends me to a menu listing options for None, Google, and the work version of 1Password. Selecting 1Password closes the menu without doing anything (the toggle to enable autofill in 1Password's menu remains off).

Going to the autofill settings on my phone just lists autofill options for my personal apps, nothing work-related there.

So ... pretty sure something is broken. But I'm not sure who to complain to. I've raised this with both 1Password and my workplace so far, but neither seem to know what's up. Is this just an Android limitation or bug?

Using Android 8.1.0 on a Pixel 2.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Not knowing exactly what software the company is using, I'd have to guess that it's a security measure, not allowing date from outside the phone to be put into company apps.

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