Why do my screen icons suddenly changed size?


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screen icons suddenly changed size

I'm trying to help my mother figure out what happened to her Fire HD 6 4th gen tablet from 1000 miles away. The program icons on her tablet got larger and the overall graphics layout has changed. She says she didnt change any of the settings manually. My initial thought is that her tablet upgraded to OS 5 and this was possibly the settings the upgrade comes with? I havent found any mention of a similar problem through a lot of internet searching. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Feb 28, 2016
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Re: screen icons suddenly changed size

I had her check that. She doese have the Screen Magnifier on. She says she has already checked that. If she turns that off it doesnt fix it

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: screen icons suddenly changed size

It'd be really helpful to see a screenshot. Does she know how to take a screenshot, or at least take a picture of the screen with another camera, and send that to you?