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Why does my keypad keep popping off and on?


New member
Nov 30, 2014
Why does my keypads keeps popping off and on

I bought a china android phone a week ago and im starting to have problems.
1. When i open whatsapp or similar apps and I start touching keypads it keeps popping off and on and sometimes freezes for a minute before it appears again or when its working fine every letter I touch comes double, what do I do?
2. I cannot open games. I can install the games alright but when I try to open it stuck on logo and then exist to main screen. what should I do with this too.
3. When I problem browser for 5mins or more phone start to heat or a message pop on showing whatsapp is not responding or google playstore is not responding even though im not using them.
4. I cannot dowload anything from google playstore. it just hangs and the icon will be circling for hours without playstore menu showing.
its horrible please help me. is it possible i can just download a stock rom something that help me?
Phone name is Gowin M5
plssssss help

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Re: Why does my keypads keeps popping off and on

Welcome to Android Central! This is probably due to the phone having faulty firmware and/or hardware, which would not be surprising for a no-name or off-brand device direct from China. Quality control was likely minimal, and support is probably nonexistent.

Did the phone come with Google Play Store preinstalled? If not and you had to install it yourself, the phone is not certified for Google Play. In this case, Google Play Store may not function correctly. You could try installing Amazon Appstore, but if that also doesn't work, you may just be limited to the smaller obscure app store that the phone probably came with.

As for your various issues, the main thing I would suggest is a factory reset. Make sure you're starting with a clean slate, and don't allow any app to reinstall automatically. If the phone works ok, then start reinstalling apps one by one, and see if problems start up again.

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