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Last night, I ended up purchasing a new phone from the bell store. Bringing it home, I tried to connect to the internet as I would with any device and bam, all my other devices disconnect, my phone registers the wifi as having "no internet" and no matter how many times I reset or try to connect, it just doesn't work. I figured out later (whilst trying to use my xbox) that having my phone and ANY other device on at the same time kills the internet.

The message I got from my xbox was "Another device is using the same IP", and while I didn't get that message on any other device, any one device connected to my router makes my wifi bug out entirely, requiring me to disconnect and shut off my phone just to reset my router. I don't know how any of this stuff works so it's especially infuriating. All other devices in my house work fine in tandem, it's very clearly my phone that's the problem.

I've got no clue how to fix it, and any connection to the internet ruins my router, so I can't do that. Are there any ways to make my phone into a non-internet-killing-death-block without connecting it to wifi or am I SOL?

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