Why does my phone keep downloading applications even though I don't access them?


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My phone keeps on downloading application even though i dont access them.

Every time i connect to a WiFi connection, my phone will automatically download apps that is not useful. And even without internet connection it continuous to download apps. Plus there's a lot of apps advertisement that keeps on coming back. It makes my phone battery drain and phone hang. What should i do now? I tried resetting my phone, but no changes.. I tried downloading apps that will block application but i cant proceed because of this interruption. so pls can you help me with this?


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Jan 26, 2013
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Re: My phone keeps on downloading application even though i dont access them.

Malware perhaps.

Couple things...

1) If you have auto update enabled in Playstore, whenever Playstore see's you're online, it will update your installed apps. If you don't want Playstore to continually update your apps every time, then you need to disable auto updates. Sign in to Playstore, go to settings and disable auto updates.

2) It's possible you have Malware on your phone. If your phone is installing apps that you don't want installed, or haven't installed yourself, then it might be that some app installed Malware. Go to Playstore and install Malwarebytes, update it, and have it scan your phone.

3) Seeing ads popping up is the price you pay for free apps. Some apps will flood you with ads. The ads could also be coming from the apps that are being downloaded against your wishes, and thus also be tied to Malware.

Get Malwarebytes and have it scan your phone.

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