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Why Does My Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Have A Rear Camera Focusing Problem?


AC Question

Hi, guys, just dropping by to ask some info about this, I've had my Note Edge (SM-N915F) for about two months now, at first everything was fine, the camera was focusing normally (fast, no blurs), and then, after a few week following my upgrade to Lollipop, I suddenly noticed that it has become blurry, and after several seconds it will then start to focus slowly to normal.

From what I've observed, it takes much more time for the camera to focus if the camera has been idle for quite some time, like for a couple of hours, to a day or two, and after it has focused back to normal, it will now only take a few seconds for it to focus normally in the succeeding uses.

I've been wondering if this was a hardware problem or a software issue, since at first, the camera was OK, until I got my Lollipop upgrade.

Since then, I've been browsing the web for fixes, here are the following things that I've tried so far and failed;

*Force stopping the camera app and clearing it's cache/data
*Using it in Safe Mode
*Switching between Metering Modes
*Using other camera apps
*Removing the battery and putting it back after several seconds
*Setting the storage to the phone memory
*Deselecting all rear camera modes

So, I was wondering if you guys have any info for a fix on this, thanks in advance, guys :)