Why does Photos and Gallery keep crashing after update?

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I hate this latest updaate- besides the issue of the app notification badges disappearing when u swipe to clear notifications (hate this- i dont want to see all the notifications on my screen but now i never know when its my turn on words with friends!)
But now a few apps are always crashing- even when im not even using them i get notifications that Photos quit and 90% of the time i go into photos to look at pics it crashes and the same if i try to view my photos from the camera screen.

And the keyboard has gotten worse- it constantly leaves out letters that i know i typed, mostly the N! And adds in extra periods and commas.

Plus i hate how when i swipe to go to the next screen it will instead open up the "APPS" pages (where all apps are) no i just want to go to the next screen.

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