Why does the mail app check my exchange account, even when it shouldn't?


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Using the standard S5 email app, I am getting weird behavier. If you click on Manage Accounts, you can see my one exchange email account. I tap on my email address and then tap on Sync Settings. The first option Sync Email is unchecked (even says Sync turned off). As if that wasn't enough, if I click on Sync Schedule, "Set sync Schedule" is set to manual. And "While Roaming" is set to use above settings. Peak Schedule is unchecked. So to me, this means it should never check for email.

Today was the day I changed my email. Shortly after, I get a notification from the email app that says Sign in Failed. It failed, obviously because it still had my old password. But the question is, why was it checking for email anyway??

Other bits of info:
Model Number: SM-G900T
Android Version: 5.1.1
Android Security Path: 2015-12-01
Not jailbroken, stock

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