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Why doesn't my Music Player have a stop button?


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Music Player Stop

Why does the Android music players - uniquely among devices and programs that play music or any other sort of media content, not have a Stop button?

Windows Media Player, criticized by some in this forum, has a Stop button (a filled-square icon). CD players have them, so do VCRs (remember them?), DVD players, FIOS controllers for on-demand shows, etc. It seems like such an obvious convenience - why is it not there? If the feature exists, why is it hidden so well? Why do you have to go through subtle contortions to kill off the app when all I want it to do is stop playing and wait patiently until I make a different selection?

I see this on both the Galaxy S6 and Lenovo Tab 2 A7-20F.


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Dec 5, 2010
Re: Music Player Stop

What music player are you using? I think Google music player doesn't have one just pause. I guess I don't pay much attention to it to notice it didn't have one

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