Why has my Android Car DVD player crashed?


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Nov 24, 2014
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Android Car DVD player crashed

Hi everybody,

I am need of your help.

I own an Android Car DVD player which I bought one year ago for my Audi A4. The reason I mention the car is that this DVD player is not the same as many others with Android system since in the case of the B8 Audi, the stereo and radio works with the original audio system.
What it is added is the DVD player and a larger screen, but keeping the original look. The original 'video' is somehow bypassed. What it is added are two icons which read 'gps' and 'menu' on the screen.
By pressing the 'gps' button on the screen (which appears when you press the screen) then it switches to Android. The is also a physicall button on the DVD player, but at it is intalled in the glove compartment, is kind of annoying to open the glove comparment each time you want to access Android.
I used Android primarely for TorquePro, so I have all digital gauges on the screen.
A couple of days ago Android crashed, when wanting to access Android the green screen with the Android logo stays there for ever. Or simply pops up and then dissapear leaving a 'black' screen. It is not a black screen with no signal, it is a black screen with a minor background reflect.
When by chanced Android started I could make a factory reset. But a it works fine for one or two times that Android starts up and then crashes again.
Any idea how to install Android again from scratch?
Hope anyone can lend me a hand.

All the best.



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Jun 17, 2011
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Re: Android Car DVD player crashed

It could be a app causing the crash. I'd suggest doing the factory reset and seeing if Android will work before you install any other apps.

If that doesn't work then you probably needs device-specific help. See if you can contact the manufacturer or find an online forum for that specific device model. (I'd be great if you device was still under warranty.)

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