Why is Lg G8 phone sending out deleted picture to random contact?


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Aug 14, 2019
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I apologize for the length

My phone sent out a deleted photo to a random contact on my phone which was a family member. I contacted my carrier, sprint, first and they told me to contact Lg.

When I spoke to customer service this occurred as stated in the following emails. I sent these to the vice president of customer service hwan.hur@lge.com

The first being

I apologize if I have contacted the inappropriate person regarding this issue. If this email needs to be sent to someone else please redirect it.

I contacted customer service and immediately asked to speak to a supervisor. They connected me to an employee and explained that I have an LgG8 that sent a picture that I deleted to a random number on my phone. I let him know that this photo was deleted from both the photos and from the text it was attached to. The phone was off, not turned off but not being used, and still sent this photo to a random contact.

This photo has caused a loss of relations with some of my family and he said there was no financial compensation they have for this issue. I explained that I did not want any compensation, I wanted a new phone and an apology from someone higher than himself.

After much discussion, he said I would not get a new phone until I sent my phone in and it was determined that there was something wrong with my phone. I asked to speak with his supervisor and he said there was noone else I could speak to. I asked who his boss was and he said he was the only person to talk to.

We went back amd forth for quite some time and I explained that I wanted an apology from someone higher up than himself and I did not want the phone to be fixed, I want the phone to be replaced. This error has cost me my family. I asked him again to speak to someone higher up and he said there was noone else in the company to speak to.

He then said he wanted to know what the photo was of. I told him it was none of his business. He continued to ask what the photo was of and that my family would get over it.

I just want a new phone with all of my contacts. Nothing else on it. I dont feel that, after an experience such as this, is an unusual request. I have had Lg phones in the past with no issues.

I also want an apology from someone other than a person in the call center. This is a huge issue for me and all I need is an apology.

In addition, my phone calls random contacts during phone calls with other people. That is not a huge issue, although it is a problem with the phone.

Please assist me with this issue and, if you cant, please direct me to the right person.

I then dealt with the issue stated in the final email

I spoke to a lady whose name is TJ from customer service who stated it was not the Lg phone that caused the mishap. She said someone sent the picture, which is impossible as the picture was deleted on both phones and the receiver did not have the photo anymore, nor did he have access to my phone and numbers.

I am sending in my phone for the techs to look at but she denies any fault on Lg's part and said nothing like this is possible. I researched and found this issue occured with Samsung and was addressed by them. I have included a link which gives the details on this.

Tj would not give me any contact information for herself nor would she give me her last name as a reference. I would like to forward this to her so she can see this has occurred previously so she can address it properly.

I just want to know if there is something that I can do to ensure this doesnt happen again while the phone is being looked at....

And I also wanted to warn people about the customer service issue with this company.
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I don't know which part of this was addressed to hwan.hur and which part was addressed to Android Central but, as I'm sure you're aware, we have nothing to do with LG. If you want this moved to the G8 forum, just let us know (here). (Also, you might want to indicate if there was any end to that email in the post, or if the entire post from "I apologize if I have contacted the inappropriate person regarding this issue." down was the email. (Or if there's more than 1 email there - you said "emails" and "these".)

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