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Why is my Bluetooth volume fading in and out?

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Hello everyone. I own a LG K30 that runs on T-Mobile. It is running Android version 7.1.2. I use it with a Blackweb Bolt Bluetooth speaker. When connected the speaker volume will decrease than come back up to the desired volume level every other minute or so. I use BlackPlayer t play my MP3 files from an SD card, and I use Pandora and YouTube to stream my other forms of music or videos. I have tried shutting down all apps except the players with no success. I have even tried going into the Bluetooth app itself and clearing all the data but that hasn't worked either. As a last resort I rest my phone a few days ago but that did not help. I've noticed the problem appears to start and get worse when I have the speaker plugged into my powerbank to change as we use it for 8 hours straight a night at work. Any thoughts to get the volume to stay at one level?


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Nov 20, 2013
It's a bug with no known solution. It's happening to many people with many different makes and models of phone (It's driving me nuts on my Nexus 6p running Android OS 8.1.0 but it also happens on Samsung and many other models running earlier OS's all the way back to Gingerbread! It's not just Bluetooth, others have reported it on headphones and internal speakers. Volume lock apps struggle with it, but can only help restore the volume, they don't prevent it from happening, and in my experience can even make it worse! Good luck.