why is my phone 64 bit instead of 32 bit?

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Hi, I recentley bought a new samsung galaxy M13 4g phone, I know i shouldn't be asking you guys but i tried ckntacting samsung but i don't know how to.

At first i was promised a 64bit architecture which can let me install any app i want, my question is that, when android 13 launch, will my device become 64 bit because it is 64 bit but with a 32bit android 12.

Please respond as quickly as possible. Thank you.


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Dec 7, 2012
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32 vs 64 bit is related to not just sofware, but the hardware architecture of the processor. If a phone is 32 bit it can not be upgraded to 64 bit through a software upgrade.

That said, I suspect that you actually want to know about storage... and the answer is the same. If you're phone has 32GB of internal storage there is no way to upgrade that to 64GB through a software upgrade.