Why is Pokemon go not working on mobile data?


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The app works fine when I'm using wifi. But when I turn off my wifi to use my mobile data, the app does not load past 1/4 of the loading bar and after a while, it says "Failed to get player information from the server". I'm sure this is definitely not a server problem since this is a daily occurrence.

Now before you ask.
Yes I have reinstalled the app.
Yes I have force closed it.
Yes I tried restarting my phone.
Yes I tried the airplane mode fix.
None of these solutions work.

The only fix I have come across is a temporary one, and it involves starting the app on wifi and switching to data once I leave the wifi spot so the connection carries over. However, this will not work if I am not connected to any wifi in the first place.

I only know at least 1 other person who is suffering from the same problem as me. While I can't use the app outside, others are able to easily access their apps at the same time as me.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy Avant. My provider is T-Mobile and I live in the US (New York).
My APN is T-Mobile US LTE.

Any help is appreciated guys.

Afnan Haque

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Jul 29, 2016
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I highly suspect is has something to do with the SIM card. If you have T-Mobile can you check whether or not you have Web Guard enabled on your phone and try seeing what happens when you disable it and reply what happens in this thread.


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Aug 5, 2016
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I experienced the exact same problem, and found that exact same "temporary fix". I read on another forum (as I was experiencing the problem with Snapchat as well) that the solution to this is:

settings > application manager > click "more" > reset app preferences

This solved the problem for me. Pokemon Go & any other app that was having similar issues should run normally on data. The only inconvenience is that all my applications have the default settings which are easily changed. Hope this helps!

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