Why won't my battery charge from most sources?


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My batter wont charge from most sources

I have S4 running andriod 5.0.1 I337ucug0c3. Yesterday i started getting a mesage about downloading battery share app. apparently some Samsung phones have the option of charging other devices, I ignored the msgs and noticed that my charger cable started blinking to indicate full charge. I removed the cable and noticed a short time later that battery was only at 86%,,,no big deal. I went to bed and plugged the phone in and it didn't immediately start to charge, took maybe 15 seconds, I wake up this morning and the phone is off with an error msg that the phone shut off due to overheat. In my 74 degree bedroom? Something is going on here! I cant charge from a portable charger now or anything but the factory charger and it is going really slow! I removed the battery and did a full factory reset, still same problem, I have developer options enabled and usb debugging is on, no new applications have been added to the phone and or att software pushes. This is opvously some software that got turned on, that needs to be shut off. Does anyone have an idea what to do next?

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