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Why won't my Google Nexus 7 charge when turned on?


New member
Dec 27, 2014
When I first got my google nexus 7, I followed the instructions. I let it charge, the device powered on and continued to charge until the battery was full. Like the instructions said, I let the battery run down completely before recharging. After the battery ran down completely, I charged it back up with the tablet off and then powered it back on. Ever since then, my tablet will not charge while turned on. I can only charge the device while it's powered down. Nothing else seems to be broken or malfunctioning, but having to shut the tablet down everytime the battery needs charging is really really annoying.

I spoke to Google and the manufactor, neither were helpful. Is there a solution? I'm not tech-Savy, so I'm not sure what might remedy this problem. I haven't made any changes to the tablet like rooting or anything like that.


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Nov 25, 2010
Have you tried a different wall adapter & USB cable?


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Feb 12, 2012
It's probably charging, but the amount of charge going into the battery is the amount of current the device is designed to draw minus the amount of current the device is using. If you're playing an action game, or on a web page with tons of Javascript, the phone will be using so much current that it's actually drawing some from the battery, because it can't draw enough from the charger.

It's not changes in the tablet or the charger that's doing it, it's changes in your use pattern. After running it a while and seeing not charge (maybe 2 hours), look at the battery page in Settings/General and see what's using the most power. If it's a browser or a game, that's why. If it's Android System or Android OS, it could be updating apps, syncing email, contacts, etc, or some other system task and will settle down eventually.

If you let the battery run down much below 40% on a regular basis, you could be killing th battery, and getting a very short life from it. See the second chart at Battery University - How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries, compare the lifespan of a battery charged at the 50% point all the time against one charged at the 100% discharged point all the time, and you'll see the dramatic difference (about 4:1). If you have a really good battery, and are really careful with it, you'll want to replace that N7 long before the battery needs replacement. (I'm using a 2003 [11 years old] flip phone as my "throw it my pocket if I may 'lose' or break it, but still want communications" phone - with the 2003 batteries I got when it was new. They're starting to not give me full power - I get about 95% now - but that's 11 years. To be honest, although I know lithium batteries can last a long time, I never expected to see one, let alone two, last this long.)


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Oct 2, 2015

I too am facing the same problem, my nexus 7 tablet wont charge when the tab is switched on, it will charge only once I switch off the tab. Pls advise if there any solutions which i can do from my end to fix this problem or should i visit the service center.

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