Why won't my phone work with sensor covered?

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Feb 28, 2016
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Why wont my phone work with sensor covered

No one has posted this and I don't know why but phones will not function when sensor is covered, I don't think this is a defect or anything I think it's simply so you won't be able to cover up your camera intern allowing for you to be constantly surveyed. I have tried several times on my LG 3 to purposly put tape over the camera, the first time I did this my signal data and location magicly stopped working when I uncovered it it would work again, the next thing I got a new phone same version and all, tried to cover the camera and guess what.... The phone will not turn on by pressing the power button or tapping on the screen, it will only turn on if the sensor is uncovered and then you press the power button or tap. Someone please explain wtf is going on or tell me I'm not crazy. And before you say check your settings, I already told the phone to never cut off and power button to not lock screen!

I feel as though my privacy is being forcefully violated. Keep the camera uncovered or you won't be using the phone.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: Why wont my phone work with sensor covered

Welcome to Android Central! You're probably covering the phone's proximity and/or ambient light sensor. It might be a feature that detects when a case with a cover is closed, which would automatically turn off the screen. When you open the cover, the screen turns on. If you block that sensor, the phone will always think the cover is closed.

Look carefully to either side of the front-facing camera--there should be a couple of small circles that look like lenses. Make sure those aren't being blocked.

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