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Why wont my s7 unlock?


AC Question

I took a call tonight on my s7 and i had quite a sweat happening (which shouldnt be the cause of my problem as the s7 is supposed to be waterproof). Anyway after that call I put the phone in my bumbag for about an hoĺur where it went flat and when I got it out again and powered it up again i couldn't unlock it. It is setup so as when phone is started up i have to use my unlock pattern to unlock it the first time, trouble being that thescreen is not detecting my fingers properlyand therefore i can't enter the unlock pattern in its entirity and I can't find a way around it. There was nothing unusual about the way I have used the phone apart from the few drops of sweat it would have got on the screen, which should be neither here nor there as its suposed to be waterproof... any ideas?


May 28, 2017
Hi . Have you tried a hard reset on the device ( volume down and power button together until the device restarts ) this will reset the power , much like removing battery and reinserting . It may just be a hardware malfunction . Ifor it's still under warranty (2 years) it will be covered by samsung .