Wifi, Bluetooth, mobile hot spot no longer turn on


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Dec 2, 2014
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New behavior in my Droid Maxx. I cannot get bluetooth, wifi, or mobile hot spot to turn on. There are no apparent errors displayed when I attempt to turn on any of them. Device is not in airplane mode as normal over the air voice/data is fine connecting to both 3G & 4G LTE modes.

Bluetooth screen. I tap the On button, a message comes up stating that its turning on Bluetooth, but after 5 seconds it still lists as Off and no BT icon appears on my status bar.

Wifi: I tap the On button and instantaneously it goes back to the Off position. I've tried turning Wifi on via several different apps and menus, but all have the same result. Wifi icon never appears in status bar.

Hotspot: I have a data plan that includes hotspot, and it's always worked up until now. Same behavior as bluetooth where I click the check box in Settings to turn it on, but after a few seconds the box is simply unchecked again. No error message displayed.

Separately, I've also noticed that the "your app will work better/faster on Wifi" for many apps like Googlemaps. The checkbox in settings that allows me to turn off that prompt is greyed out and I cannot change it.

Any thoughts?

version info:
android 4.4.4


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Jan 3, 2010
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Do you happen to have an app called tiny flashlight installed?


If not that, maybe it's another app causing the issue. Try restarting in safe mode. Long press power as you usually would to power off, but this time long press the "power off" button until you get the message to restart in safe mode. See if you still have the problem.

If that doesn't fix it, to rule out a hardware error I'd suggest a factory data reset. Don't restore after the reset. You can always quickly do another to do a restore. See if the problem returns. If so, it's probably a hardware error.

Of course backup all of your photos and videos before the reset.