WIFI/Data issue after using battery saving apps


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Aug 19, 2011
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Since installing apps such deep sleep battery saver and longevity I've had a problem starting everynight at 12am when phone goes into deep
sleep I lose WiFi and data I didn't have this problem prior to trying these apps I uninstalled them before I even noticed the problem tried reinstalling and setting things to disabled and uninstall again.

I have even wiped my phone at this point and I still have the problem..at this point I don't know which app it is i think its deep sleep battery saver since im pretty sure it started right after experimenting with that but I know I didn't have this issue prior it seems to obviously be on a schedule since it starts happening at 12

Another sign would be that it doesn't seem to happen when its on the charger which is another reason that would lead me to believe a battery saving app did something..now the question is how can I fix this especially if wiping didn't even fix it this is very annoying cause I rely on getting instant email notifications at all times and now I don't get them late at night if my phone is sleeping

ive contacted the deep sleep team through this site and contacted longevity as well to see if they have anything else to say..deep sleep was looking into it but im not sure what will come of that

any ideas? even if its a workaround for now..i tried keep wifi on type of apps still didnt work